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Pronghorn Steaks

For those of us who like the flavor, there's nothing better than grilling antelope steaks.  My personal preference is charcoal, but gas grills would also work.  The challenge in grilling is that pronghorn meat is so lean it tends to dry out.  An outside source of fat improves things (can anyone say BACON!?)

First marinade steaks for several hours in your favorite marinade (A1 Steakhouse, Onion and Garlic is my preference) diluted with lemon juice.

Light the charcoal (or turn on the gas grill).  Just before cooking time, wrap each steak in bacon, using toothpicks to hold it in place if necessary.

If slow grilling on low heat, the antelope will be done the same time the bacon is crispy.  If higher heat (and less time) is preferred, the bacon will usually be charred, so simply remove and discard it (it served its purpose).

The steaks should be eaten immediately as cooling tends to enhance the gamey flavors.

I've also known people to put cheese slices (swiss, parmesian, etc)inside the bacon, but you have to make sure there are no gaps for melted cheese to escape from.

by Braeden Hyde,
Laramie, Wyoming