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WGFD Launches Inaugural Super Tag and Super Tag Trifecta Raffles - 12/23/2013

Imagine having the opportunity to select any license, for any big game, trophy game or wild bison, for any hunt area in Wyoming for 2014. A few lucky winners of the inaugural Super Tag and Super Tag Trifecta raffles will have such an opportunity.

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Hunters Required to Apply Online in 2014 - 12/23/2013

Beginning January 2014, hunters will be required to use an online application process to apply to hunt in Wyoming.

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Where the Antelope Play 24/7

Pronghorn Pride

Pronghonr Buck in Tall GrassThis site exists to promote one of Wyoming's natural resources – the Pronghorn Antelope. (While talking with a Game Warden from Wyoming Game and Fish, I was informed that all references to Pronghorns on this site should be labeled as "Pronghorn", since they are not antelope. There are no antelope species that live in North America.) While the Rocky Mountain range has elk, mule deer, white tail deer, a few moose and other “big game” animals, it would seem that the most popular attraction for hunters, especially in New Mexico and Wyoming, is the pronghorn. Wyoming is in the record books as having the most trophy class bucks, per capita, than any other state or region. People flood into Wyoming from almost every other state each fall for their chance to hunt a pronghorn. While the pronghorn population stretches from Canada to Mexico, and from the Mississippi to the west coast, Wyoming and New Mexico top the list for places to go to hunt pronghorn.

Wyoming has lots of “wide open spaces” in which to hunt, or watch, pronghorn. It is said that Wyoming even has more pronghorn than people! Neighboring towns are small towns that are 20 minutes apart, or more. There are lots of rolling hills, and open range land. While much of that land is ranch land, there are plenty of BLM and open access areas to allow for plenty of hunting or watching.

So come out to the Rocky Mountain west, enjoy our scenery, and our Pronghorn Antelope!

I would like to thank Richard Venola, of Guns & Ammo magazine for including this site in his "Shooter's SAT" in the September 2009 issue. This site was used as an answer to one of his questions, with the assumption that we were an organization. But Richard did say, in his answer, that we are a privately owned web site dedicated to education and conservation of pronghorn.

The June/July 2009 issue of Outdoor Life has an article highlighting what they think are the top 200 towns to live in if your are a sportsman. Rawlins,  in Carbon County, Wyoming, made the list at #3. Saratoga, also in Carbon County made #17.

Sheridan made the Top Ten, at #7. Remaining Wyoming towns on their list were Casper at #41, Gillette #51, and Green River #100.

It was no surprise that quite a few towns from Idaho, Montana, and Colorado made the list. With all of the great hunting and fishing here that we would have had a few more representatives on OL's list. But I guess we can't be stingy. We have to let some of those other states have some good entries, too.

Top 200 Towns: Affordable, thriving and perfectly wild towns in America. Outdoor Life presents the 2nd Annual Top 200 Towns for Sportsmen - May 27, 2009

June/July 2010 - Wyoming again scores big in Outdoor Life's ranking of towns for outdoorsmen. Two towns from Carbon County made the Top Ten - Saratoga was ranked 8th, and Rawlins was ranked 9th. Also making the list were Cody, at #15, Lander at #17 (that puts four Wyoming towns in the Top Twenty), Gillette at #94 and Green River at #166. See the on-line picture story here: Best Towns 2010: Outdoor Life's third annual ranking of the best towns in America for hunters and fishermen. - Photo Gallery by John Taranto

Top Towns 2011 - Wyoming continues to do well in Outdoor Life's polling of best places to live for sportsmen. Pinedale made it's way onto the list at #2, Saratoga finally made it into the Top Ten, at #5. Sheridan is #9, Rawlins #14, Lander #15, Cody #16, and Casper at #48. See the on-line picture story here: Top Towns 2011 - by John Taranto, Outdoor Life

Top Towns 2012 - I don't know how they go about making their choices, but Wyoming towns and cities seem to keep slipping down the survey, and few and fewer in number. This year Saratoga, Carbon County, Wyoming made #10, and Cody, Wyoming made #13. I have no idea what is below #35. I suppose they are now saving paper by printing a shorter list. Lists in the past have been the top 200. No other Wyoming towns made the Top 35.  The 35 Best Hunting and Fishing Towns in the US - by The Editors, Outdoor Life, April 11, 2012

Photograph provided by Out West Safaris, Rawlins, Wyoming