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Pronghorn under the TetonsWyoming is a state where there are supposedly more pronghorn than people, so you wouldn't think that antelope conservation - amongst other wild species - would be a big concern. It used to be that conservationists and hunters were always clashing and locking horns in territorial fights, but over the years things have changed, and these two groups have become allies.

Wyoming has vast resources of coal, coal bed methane, and natural gas. There are also constant winds in many areas of the state, which allows many power companies to place wind turbine farms in the plentiful ranch lands and open prairies.

Wyoming has vast tracts of lands that are being explored for energy development, but it still has vast expanses of unspoiled land.

For a unique perspective on bringing back pronghorn herds, see the following articles by the Circle Ranch of Texas:

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A 'green' victory - Jeff Gearino, Casper Star Tribune, Dec 29, 2009

Of Windmills and Wildlife: If wind farms get contracts to build on large tracts of federal lands, could public areas become de facto no-hunting areas? - By Frank Miniter, Executive Field Editor, American Hunter




Photos by Kevin Wheeler
Pronghorn under the Teton Mountains is a stock photo